Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trippin' Tuesday....

Yesterday was definitely a case of OFIM (Oh F*** it's Monday) -- hence the editorial comment from Angry Ed here:

Can't kick the feeling that there is something of a rut I gotta get out of... maybe the above scribble sums that feeling up... getting out of a runt?... ok, bad joke.

Creatively not firing on all cylinders yesterday... (hence the self-portraiture above) ended up calling it a day and headed up to art store to replenish the paper stores and then plonked down at Rosebank coffee shop with sketch book binging on cappucinos and trying out new brush pens (will post more of the result of that later)... felt good to draw non-pressure non-work stuff again after the past few weeks -- this blog needs a shot in the arm again.

PS: The Durban Off The Wall exhibition was fun - -although a little stressed with all the work I needed to squeeze inbetween and two 6 hour drives either end... especially driving back to JHB after only 4 hours sleep...killer!

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