Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swiss Army Wolverine

(click on image for full size view)

A pen, ink and watercolour piece I did about three months ago for a Comix themed exhibition at the Grahamstown Art Festival ... had quite a bit of fun with it. Much more practical than Wolvie's usual set of blades, I think :-)

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Blogger ill. said...

:D hah! yes much more useful indeed :D great idea, he'll never get embarrassed on a date again when it comes to opening a bottle of wine without trashing the whole bottleneck.

8:42 pm  
Blogger deer prudence said...

Sorry, I can’tttype from laughing!!! What a hysterical idea. Awesome :-)

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Colleen said...

LOL! That's great!

3:02 am  

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