Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spring is in the... ACHOO!!

Oh great -- hayfever season has arrived in this part of the world! So, inbetween endless sniffing, sneezing, hacking, watering eyes... here's a few doodles from this morning over breakfast with a bit of colour dropped in just fer fun... a bit of "Coffee and funy nekkid loving" in first one and "A man and his bird" in second doodlette...

Other exciting event is over at the Global Comic Jam site where they are holding the 2006 CREATE-A-NEW-JAM CONTEST (and it's got nothing to do with new fruity flavours :-) ... Anyone can vote -- check the contest entries HERE, and go to VOTE here! Also anyone interested in contributing pages, please sign up for one of the stories!! On that note -- time for that coffee refill and a new batch of tissues... ACHOO!!


Blogger mike said...

Coffee and a topless girl. I like where you're going with this.

2:07 pm  
Blogger Rico said...

Glad you approve :-)

2:57 pm  

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