Friday, October 13, 2006

Falloomping Friday Flirteenth!

It's been an exceptionally slow blogging period lately -- partly because I just haven't been producing much non-work-related material (and that scares me sometimes...)
Oh, well... here's some relatively new stuff -- the skulls are old, recoloured pics... couldn't decide which background colour I liked better...LOL

The sketch below I found while cleaning up my office was for an illustration for a story on Big Multinational Business recolonizing Africa... many of them bringing the same old arrogant, patronising and exploitative attitudes.. and many of them being South Africans...ouch :-/
In the end, client went with another version of basically same image... maybe I'll post it if I can find it somewhere...

Looking forward to attending the opening of the Comics Brew exhibition at the Alliance Francaise tonight -- should be fun! Hope there'll be inspiring work up for view!! Rock On! -- and here's to hopefully more regular postings in the near future.

PS: Damn, Jason -- that diburtimentos guy's stuff is awesome, intriuging, scary... very, very up my alley in some bizarre ways....hee-hee, I'm just a bit of a sick puppy... I blame it on having to draw cute, funny pictures all day!


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