Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Folly....

Creative burnout is not a pretty sight... or at least I dont think it is... but then I'm not exactly a pretty sight at the best of days. The virginal canvases remain virginal... I can't stand the sight of a blank piece of paper and pencils staring at me... the normal urge to fill it with crazy doodles and drawlings just doesn't kick in. The work stuff keeps it's own momentum... but MAN, is it a chore at the moment. Hey, maybe seeing Mike Scott in a Gorilla suit this weekend will cheer me up ;-)
I think I have finally become my own inner Blase Pig... scary thought, that!
Today's pics are some disconnected ballpoint pen scribbles from last night...
Check out Jason Bronkhorst's and Matthias's blogs -- they be doin' some shit-hot shtuff!! Word!!
Okay -- everybody have a GREAT WEEKEND! Drinks are on me!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sloppy Saturday

Too knackered/wiped/exhausted/uninspired today after work hell week to do any drawing, so scanning some old sketchbook stuff and then I'm off to potter with ideas with which to despoil those virginal canvases... unless there's something good on TV,... ooooh, haven't watched this DVD in a while...hmm.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Thursday Thinktank

A bit of loose unpredmeditated brush-drawing in my sketchbook ... well, strictly speaking was using a Faber-Castell PITT brush pen... not quite the same thing, but less messy than brush and ink, and I don't have to wait for it to dry. Like the result... just hoping it doesn't look too much like Conrad Botes drawings -- I have been accused of that, but fuck that.
Long weekend coming up... maybe time to dust off the paintbrushes and tackle those FOUR virginal white primed canvases which are lurking in the studio waiting for me to give them some attention. (hmm.. does anything virginal actually "lurk"?)
Ok, ya lazy bastich -- back to work!!

PS: Found this quote I wrote in earlier pages of this sketchbook:

"... for most people Nature has been replaced by the culture of congestion: of cities and mass media. We are crammed like battery hens with stimuli, and what seems significant is not the quality or meaning of the messages, but their excess."
Robert Hughes, The Shock Of The New

Damn right -- Bob knows what he's talkin' about.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday whine...

Not really -- just feelin' like a little bored and jaded toonist today. Quick drawing... another one from the "WTF is THAT?!!" category! Maybe it's time to get the White Stripes and Linkin' park cd's from the car... that'll cheer me up...LOL

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sultans of Swing...

Looks like this blog-thang's working again... shweet. A mix of sketchbook stuff this morning -- some whacky marine life (I dig drawing fish...) and some stripy-legged monster -- although not that wild about this one... ok, have a lekka day. Blog On!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday evening....

No blogging this weekend... too busy with Andy Mason staying over... talking cartooning, drinking beers, comics, art, more beers... maybe some wine, coffee -- checking out the fabulous Norman Catherine exhibition at the Goodman Gallery... and learning more website building lore... busybusy. All Ihave to offer tonight is a bit of a doodle page from one of my notebooks. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams.
-- oh hell, strike that idea... the evil Blogger ain't co-operating, so no pics today!

(PS: managed to quickly slip in yesterday's doodle pic early this morning...more later :-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Frappin' Friday!

Well, another week coming to a close... having a few brewskis and pizzas with fellow cartoonists/comic artists this evening -- should be fun -- as Jason's fiance said: Grown men earnestly discussing little pictures. And dammit -- she's so right...LOL
Hey, I see Jason did a version of my guy with his hand through himself -- very cool, although much creepier than mine. Also kudos to Jason posting some of Andy Mason's sketchbook pages on his Blog as well... and they are well worth having a look at. Anyway, still want to twist Andy's arm to join SKRIBBL ... we need more contributors on there!
Today's sketch above... more along the "hole in the head" theme being explored Enjoy!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Running to stand still...

I just realised... whatever happened to my U2 CD's??? Quickie doodle/sketch this morning and off to drawing board bondage!! -- another day, another all be kind to animals and little cartoonists.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Nice littel drawing session this morning while sipping two lekker cups of coffee and indulging in some yummy french toast at the local M&B Parkhurst way -- so off to good start to the day for a change... but it'll get bloody busy just about now.... YIKES!!

Funny thing about that coffee shop is that it's filled on mornings with guys with laptops pretending to work. On my way out I once walked past the back of this serious looking dude in shirt and tie typing away on some spreadsheet... I take a peek at his screen and he's browsing an online dating service...LOL.

Ok, lots to do... especially the draft for the intro strip with the characters below for which I am awaiting the copy... then it's trying to get into the zone and calmly focus on doing a good job with that, ignoring all the other distractions -- always tough to do on a new project with unfamiliar characters etc etc... y'all have a good day!! Now, for cuppa java #3 :-)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where did the Weekend go...???

I have been a very very bad blogger -- no updates for a while... sigh. Have had one of those working straight through the weekend type of weekends...arrgh!! What you see above is part of the labours -- a cast of cartoon characters for a internal communication cartoon for a big corporate client, together with rationale, concept etc etc - hectic, hectic -- sucks the creative lifeblood out of you tho. Turned out quite ok and should be fun to draw going forward -- can't divulge more details as it hasn't been launched yet.
Of course, as soon as I have time to upload something, Blogger decides to crash... oh, well hopefully more stuff and another bash at a Illustration Friday pic and I am supposed to do a page for the Global Comic Jam -- Yay!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rockin' all over the world...

Man, it's been quite a week so far -- the little bit of R&R in Clarens already a distant memory... as usual, there's hell to pay from the universe for DARING to take some time off: Deadline smashes, plumbing breakdowns at home, my home pc having to go to the doctor.. etc, etc.
Good news is that finally, after nearly 4 months of frustration, Hellkom finally got their sluggish ass in gear to install my adsl connection at home... and even that took some behind the scenes string-pulling by somebody who knows somebody who... you get the picture.
Today's pics are just some random little pics doodled up over last few days, and there are always pigs -- actually am very happy with the pig doodles, watercolours RULE!! :-)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Felicitations...

Well, yesterday felt a bit like running around like a chicken with it's tailfeathers on fire... so no time for blogging. My girlfriend Maja's exhibition opening last night went well -- must post a few pics next week. Posted something drawn with a ballpoint pen into one of those handy Moleskin notebooks I usually use for work... a little nudity, but hey, nothing wrong with that for a Friday... or any day now that I think of it.
Mad rush at work this morning to get stuff out and then it's off to pack the car and off for a rustige weekend in Clarens (hope it doesn't get too cold so we freeze out cute little tushies off, or the guesthouse has a lekker fireplace and good supply of OB's ;-) ... ok, time to hunt and kill a serious cup of coffee!!
You all have a splendiferous weekend!!

Bonus archive image: (Disclaimer: Please note that any similarities to esteeemed cartoonist and illustrator Jason Bronkhorst are purely coincidental... terms and conditions apply.)