Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thumpin' Thursday...

Busy but very good day today -- managed to clear the decks and spend a good set of hours on finishing off the new Madam & Eve book cover (will maybe post that tomorrow) - in the meantime above is another sketchy drawing of the weird man ... this time he's got a girlfriend!

And hey, my girlfriend Maja, who's a very very talented artist in her own right has started posting her kids illustrations on a her new blog -- go see them HERE!
She's also taking part in a group exhibition -- here's a copy of the invite she rustled up for her friends and aquaintances featuring two of the paintings to be exhibited. Good stuff, I tell ya!


Blogger andrew said...

A match made in heaven.

5:48 pm  
Blogger mike said...

Ya man. You should post THAT for the 'MATCH' theme at Illo Friday. That chick's got a face only that dude could love.

6:32 pm  
Blogger Malin H said...

Haha Phat Phriday and Thumpin' Thursday... i like this, I'll be back! This is good!
(thank you)

8:58 pm  
Anonymous bill said...

terrific drawing - I love her heart undies. I like the other 2 drawings below with the same character too

3:56 pm  

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