Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Video killed the radio star...

I continue with the tradition of non-sensical post titles and a another mixed bag of stuff -- my mind seems to be hopping all over the place... a combination of artistic/creative stagnation and frustration. Hmmm, I have plans for the image above... yes, perhaps even evil plans...LOL
This cowpoke just kinda happened when I wasn't looking... there was a little pencil dooddle of his hat, face and a bit of torso... then picked up random pen nib and just carried on without too much premeditation of what was going on on the paper... rare magic.

Quickie sketch of katie from Suicidegirls... if you don't know what that is, well I ain't sending you there :-)

Ok, be good peoples... have you phoned your mother today?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually chat with my mother, get with the century, man

1:13 pm  
Blogger Rico said...

Dude -- some mothers just don't want to be dragged into the 21st Century...LOL

1:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left my mom a comment on her blog - does that count?

love the cowboy - I love when a drawing just comes out like that

2:32 am  
Blogger Jason said...

hmm.. boobies...

9:50 am  

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