Tuesday, February 27, 2007

300 green bottles hanging on the wall...

Maybe this is the slow painful comeback to the daily sketching routine...who knows? Hey, if Rocky can do it... this should be a piece of cake. Hmmm... as I type this I suddenly have this craving for a large piece of carrot cake (probably not the best thing for breakfast...LOL)

Borrowed the complete ALIEN DVD boxset from my brother this weekend and doing some catching up with some old favourites... still think that the 2nd film, ALIENS, is the best of the lot!

I'm calling it reasearch for my Bughunters comic idea I'm still agonisingly slowly developing... ok, duty calls -- Madam & Eve comic strips to draw! COFFEE REFILL!!!


Blogger Mattias said...

My favorite is the first, you can't beat the props. I would be flattered if you used it as a background by the way.

4:53 pm  

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