Friday, August 25, 2006

Phat Phriday

Ok, whathehellhappened to today -- I blinked and it's 3 o'clock. Oh well, time to post something. Like I reported yesterday, the new Madam & Eve bok cover is finished and here she is ... am very happy with it... hope the darn thang sells!
And while I was waiting for the puter to do its saving thang (the photoshop file of that cover is quite a clunker...) , I doodled a few more arbitrary pirates. ARRRR! Enough said. Y'all have a lekka weekend and I'm still trying to decide if I'll drag my sorry ass over to go see Pirates of the Caribbean???


Blogger mike said...

Purely ARRRRRRRRRSome. Arrrsome. Nice wavy effect you got going on the scroll. Dis so baie pragtige, en die lekker textures, so baie mooi! Die expressione ook - schpot on! Lekker naweek!

4:48 pm  
Blogger andrew said...

ARGH!!! Looks good, Id give me left 'and to ave a go at colourin that thar lineart =D

5:20 pm  

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