Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mecha 888

Yesterday just churned by, used up the spare time to give SKRIBBL a bit of a face-lift... actually started today's drawing on Monday morning and finished it in several sessions, adding bits and pieces as I went along... sitting in bed yesterday morning, at my desk, on couch in front of TV last night, trying to ignore The Not-so-amazing Race and watching bits of House of Wax... not such a bad movie, really...well, what I saw of it. Can't really tell you where the idea sprang from... didn't even have any curry lately...LOL... kak scan tho...oh well, will have to do.
Stinker of a day in the offering today... annoying work... and LOTS of it! That on top of lack of sleep as the weirdest thing happened. At 04h50 am this morning, the cd-player in the studio next to my bedroom starts playing by itself, blaring out some Lisa Ekdahl songs (very nice Swedish Jazz singer... but not that early). Of course, no sleep after that... wide awake contemplating Life, The Universe and Everything... crankiness for rest of day guaranteed!


Blogger Jason said...

Pretty rad drawing - like the hatching...
She's got a cute little face too - very feminine but with that firm set of the jaw that tells you not to give her too much stick.

And IYB? Does it stand for (comment edited)?


10:31 am  
Blogger mike said...

IYB stands for 'I YAM BOROTIC'
I think...

The tinman twins lost their hats and they landed up on her breasts...this kind of thing happens, y'know?

Awesome pic. Dig how she's do hulking, but she's got little stilettos to balance on. She thinking; 'Man, I TOLD those flippen' engineers not to attach stilettos to the legs, but do they listen? Noooooo...'

11:30 am  
Blogger Mattias said...

Great drawing, the naughty parts are awesome ;)

12:45 pm  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Dude, your nipples are awesome.

You know what I mean, you perverts.

2:16 pm  

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