Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weekend wipeout...

And we slide into another weekend ... (crash land more likely) ... a bit of a dampener, gotta work most of it. All for a good cause... or at least, I have to keep telling myself that to keep the sanity and enthusiasm intact. :-)

Tried to upload stuff here yesterday to keep up the drawing a day routine, but ole Blogger was being a tad moody again. Some quickie drawings... red ballpoint pen and other random doodle stuff... nothing great.

Hope y'all having a good one!


Blogger Terry said...

Wonderful work here. Great style. Especially love the "solidness" of many of the drawings.

Also, thanks for the nice words on my blog.

9:36 pm  
Blogger mike said...

Sweet. Looking good. More! More! Dig the elephant with glasses. The hardcore dude with the goatie and earring looks a lot like MARCUS PHOENIX from the game I play on XBOX360 - GEARS OF WAR. Check it out:

12:53 pm  
Blogger Jason said...

You mean you don't usually work weekends? Weird...

Liking the redhead, can I have her number?

10:41 am  

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