Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Twosome

It's another stinker of a day -- so posting some older sketches that I still like... not sure if anybody's seen these.
Been squeezing in some surfing on some of those Spanish and South American artist's websites, a process started when I first got referred to diburtimentos -- see plenty links on the right... awesome work there.
I am wondering to myself why I find the work of these guys so much more interesting and edgy than any of the "anglo" sites I've seen lately. There's just something about their work and outlook on life and world that resonates with me. There also seems a certain lack of PC and what is euphemistically called "adult themes'.
I have this dilemma myself -- where the "family" rated work like Madam & Eve and my commercial work are a different audience than the stuff on here -- so migt offend and shock people, should they overlap? Should I really care? I bit of a sense of split personality...


Blogger mike said...

Diburtimentos is awesome.

I think it'd be awesome to see Madam & Eve go all out in a burst of Dadaist glory. Man, I would dig that.

I'd like to see that with Garfield, Redeye, Kathy and Prince Valiant.

Man, I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about that.

I remember those old sketches. The top robot one especially.

5:41 pm  
Blogger Mattias said...

Yes love the top robot, I'll post my old steam driven robot tomorrow, I quite agree on the south americans,

8:53 am  
Blogger Mr. Vermut said...

Great stuff, man. I love your draws, i´ve added to my links.

5:55 pm  
Blogger swahnen said...

very cool illos, I like your work!

12:13 pm  
Blogger lonely schnozz said...

I like the lady in the wolf's fearsome jaws of drooling death!!!

11:58 am  

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