Friday, October 27, 2006

The Friday Frizzle....

Hola -- a little bit of weirdness to see in the weekend (especially the top pic :-/ )... scribbled a bit over my morning coffee today, despite struggling with getting any sleep last night with the damn heat we're having here in Jozi. Quite pleased with the frazzled elephant... and at the bottom some random cheesy cuteness -- YES, I can do those too!!

SHITE!! -- can't believe it's just about November again, and one looks back at the year... and did it ammount to anything much???... time to go get drunk!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hot enough for ya...?!

Yeah, yeah... also been slacking off again... I blame the heatwave, being offline for two days this week and general apathy... "Yes, General Apathy, Sir!! I was just following orders!"
Here's a few recent sketches,... and then it's back to work, even though I'd rather grab my bike, a good book, something cold to drink and find a shady spot under a tree at Zoo lake or Emmarentia Dam... (BIG SIGH!!)
Hope you having a good time whereever you are! :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Twosome

It's another stinker of a day -- so posting some older sketches that I still like... not sure if anybody's seen these.
Been squeezing in some surfing on some of those Spanish and South American artist's websites, a process started when I first got referred to diburtimentos -- see plenty links on the right... awesome work there.
I am wondering to myself why I find the work of these guys so much more interesting and edgy than any of the "anglo" sites I've seen lately. There's just something about their work and outlook on life and world that resonates with me. There also seems a certain lack of PC and what is euphemistically called "adult themes'.
I have this dilemma myself -- where the "family" rated work like Madam & Eve and my commercial work are a different audience than the stuff on here -- so migt offend and shock people, should they overlap? Should I really care? I bit of a sense of split personality...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mecha 888

Yesterday just churned by, used up the spare time to give SKRIBBL a bit of a face-lift... actually started today's drawing on Monday morning and finished it in several sessions, adding bits and pieces as I went along... sitting in bed yesterday morning, at my desk, on couch in front of TV last night, trying to ignore The Not-so-amazing Race and watching bits of House of Wax... not such a bad movie, really...well, what I saw of it. Can't really tell you where the idea sprang from... didn't even have any curry lately...LOL... kak scan tho...oh well, will have to do.
Stinker of a day in the offering today... annoying work... and LOTS of it! That on top of lack of sleep as the weirdest thing happened. At 04h50 am this morning, the cd-player in the studio next to my bedroom starts playing by itself, blaring out some Lisa Ekdahl songs (very nice Swedish Jazz singer... but not that early). Of course, no sleep after that... wide awake contemplating Life, The Universe and Everything... crankiness for rest of day guaranteed!

Monday, October 16, 2006

All a Load of Bull?

What's really on the cartoonist's mind...?

HOLA Matadors!! Start of another week of frenzied creative activity... the cartoon mill gears up again, the pencils sharpened (does anyone still use pencils these days that actually need sharpening?), the brushes and pen nibs cleaned and ready for action!
Let's get that kettle going, the Java flowing... the internal monologues about artistic direction, career paths, the intrinsic worth of one's creations... but, hey... maybe one should just shut up... it's all a load of bull anyway, count one's blessings that one is able do THIS for a living, shove the frustrations into a drawer and instead plan a long holiday and live a little. On that note, on Sunday morning took out ye olde mountain bike for a recreational off-road spin after a 5 month lay-off and repairs... three words: sore butt-ocks :-/ Ok, enough information...back to the drawing board. (hey, we toonists can say that and mean it literally :-)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend Weirdness...

Have ballpoint pen... have that gatvol feeling on a late Friday afternoon... have urge to draw weird shit. (hey, I like that word: gatvol.... says it all :-)
Of course, typical... it takes me until Sunday evening to actually post this stuff, and I decided to skip the quality control and post everything I drew in that little scrabble...uh, I meant scribble session.

Who knows? Maybe I'll find myself tomorrow with a cup of coffee... a ballpoint pen... that Monday morning gatvol feeling... you get the picture...
Hmmm... is this blog becoming more adult-orientated? Next thing, I'll scare off some lutheran Swedes ;-)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Falloomping Friday Flirteenth!

It's been an exceptionally slow blogging period lately -- partly because I just haven't been producing much non-work-related material (and that scares me sometimes...)
Oh, well... here's some relatively new stuff -- the skulls are old, recoloured pics... couldn't decide which background colour I liked better...LOL

The sketch below I found while cleaning up my office was for an illustration for a story on Big Multinational Business recolonizing Africa... many of them bringing the same old arrogant, patronising and exploitative attitudes.. and many of them being South Africans...ouch :-/
In the end, client went with another version of basically same image... maybe I'll post it if I can find it somewhere...

Looking forward to attending the opening of the Comics Brew exhibition at the Alliance Francaise tonight -- should be fun! Hope there'll be inspiring work up for view!! Rock On! -- and here's to hopefully more regular postings in the near future.

PS: Damn, Jason -- that diburtimentos guy's stuff is awesome, intriuging, scary... very, very up my alley in some bizarre ways....hee-hee, I'm just a bit of a sick puppy... I blame it on having to draw cute, funny pictures all day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wookie Wednesday

Flying pigs rock!! Jason and Matthias inspired this little, loose colour illustration... hope you all have a good day!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Trippin' Tuesdays...

Hopping, hopping, hopping MAD!! P'd OFF!! MADDER than Dennis Hopper!!
What happened you may ask? Well, the new Madam & Eve book with the spiffy new cover arrives from the printer, the printing looks fab, the colours most excellent and then...AAARRRRRRRGH!!... I notice that the top edges of the back cover of a whole bunch of the books is shredded -- like a blunt cutting machine was used to trim the book.

On the blower to the printers -- crap on the printer -- they'll crap on the factory -- and wait to see how they will fix all this. CRAP! CRAP! What a waste!

Ok, todat no sketch or doodles -- above bit of pro work instead... a sample of an inhouse corporate cartoon strip I do for Multichoice Africa... actually great fun ceating those characters...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday's Moron

YIKES!! Monday again... damn, weekends fly by fats when one is trying to relax!! I wants my money back!! I want a refund, dammit! (I think spending time in traffic jams at Fourways on Saturday has something to do with it...)
Checked out RAGE Gaming and Tachnology expo on Saturday -- checked out Mike Scott's stand -- hope it went well, and thanks for the kiff T-shirt, Bru!
Anyway -- busy, busy, busy with mundane admin stuff this morning inbetween getting toons out and blogging! The pic was drawn on saturday mostly.... too lazy to finish it. Enjoy. Have a better week!