Friday, October 27, 2006

The Friday Frizzle....

Hola -- a little bit of weirdness to see in the weekend (especially the top pic :-/ )... scribbled a bit over my morning coffee today, despite struggling with getting any sleep last night with the damn heat we're having here in Jozi. Quite pleased with the frazzled elephant... and at the bottom some random cheesy cuteness -- YES, I can do those too!!

SHITE!! -- can't believe it's just about November again, and one looks back at the year... and did it ammount to anything much???... time to go get drunk!


Blogger mike said...

I'm so damn hawt!


That elephant DOES look like he dropped a couple E pills last night.

More nipples - this is a good thing. Like the highlights on her body and her silvery neck. A vampire would have a field day with her.

1:39 pm  
Blogger ALTAMIRA said...

todo muy lindo, che!

10:48 pm  
Blogger NiCK 8) said...

He'd need to have some pretty staunch dental plan though (the vampire that is). How do you explain that one to the dentist, "The chick had this long meta... oh never mind she was hawt. Love hurts fix my teeth commy.

(don't look down on my comments, they think you're beneath them COWER IN FEAR!!)

9:10 am  

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